Markel Market Research

Established in 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia, we began as a market research agency with the belief that solving our clients’ problems requires deep understanding of their consumers' voice and thought. By gaining an intimate understanding of the consumers, we can develop and produce detailed information that our client's need for better decision.

understand your consumer

Consumer insight help identify what consumer need and want from a product. This understanding ensure that the product meet their expectations and help their problems, leading to higher satisfaction and brand loyalty.

How we can help you

Our expertise is to explore any areas that will help your company to succeed, through deeper understanding of your consumer.

Product evaluation, usage and attitude study, brand communication study, consumer segmentation study, workshops, brand image study, and many more.

Consumer research

UI/UX research

understanding user based on what their needs, how they behave while using a product, journey mapping, A/B testing, card sorting, any many more

Product trial

introducing a new product to selected group of consumer to gather insight on its performance, daily use, consumer reaction, and potential issues.


Online/offline surveys, telephone surveys, central location test, experiments research, observational research, benchmarking, market positioning study, price strategy study, and many more

Exceptional level of expertise.

Our experience has encompassed a variety of industries, such as healthcare, technology, and finance. With our proficiency, we can furnish beneficial observations and suggestions that enable our clientele to attain their objectives.

Our Clients

Insightful Research for Informed Decisions